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Acrel Din Rail AC power meter Applicated in Sri Lanka
Release time: 2022-07-26

Abstract: Electric Vehicles have been regarded as the development trend of the next generation of vehicles. As the "station" of electric vehicles, the comprehensive development of charging pile construction will provide a huge market. At the same time, the price of refined oil rises faster than it falls, so the car owners will bear higher and higher oil prices. Electric vehicles can replace part of the consumption of gasoline and diesel, reducing this part of the cost. There is no doubt that the charging pile is the terminal market promoted by the new energy strategy. If we can seize the opportunity now, it will be of great benefit.

1. Project Overview
This company is located in Sri Lanka and is the EV charger manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Mainly used  
ACREL ADL10-E/C single phase din rail energy meter.

2.Market Overview
As electric vehicles need to supplement a large amount of power every day, the operation of charging station can obtain huge charging service revenue. Compared with the gas station, the power is more safe and convenient, and a large number of charging stations can be installed in various places. According to the scale of investment, from small to community slow charging pile, to highway fast charging station, single station operation, network operation also can be.

3. ADL AC Power Meter Introduction
ADL10-E is mainly designed for AC charging piles, solar , this series of meters can measure the voltage, current, power and forward and reverse energy and so on in AC system.The actual use of the site, you can measure the total power, but also measure the energy within a specified period of time. The test results can be used for local display, but also with industrial control equipment, computers to form a measurement and control system.
The meter is with RS-485 communication , and supports Modbus-RTU protocol .

4.  Technical Features

5.  Installation Picture

As an important downstream pillar industry of new energy vehicle industry chain, charging pile seems to have a very optimistic market prospect. At present, the prospect of the industry is unanimously optimistic, and  Acrel AC power meter can perfectly solves the problem of charging pile metering.

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